Maru Living connects people to create community and possibility, to wholeheartedly transform. Through the power of creativity we change ourselves and influence the world in which we live, using dance, meditation, yoga and the performing arts. 

Public Display of Art

On first impressions Public Display of Art – PDA is a dance class that allows anyone who has a desire to dance and be immersed in learning technique. Playfully explore and unleash their own creativity by tapping into their own imagination amongst others with a similar desire. I started this class to allow anyone who has a passion for dance to express themselves alongside other like minded people. There is an aspect of PDA that endeavours to provide a platform to perform in front of audiences, be it for fun or to do a show. 

However there is much more to this class than just learning steps and dancing to the music. Behind, there is a sense of community with kindred spirits, an awakening beyond the boundaries of the physical. People who come to PDA describe it as “home” “family” “a place where I can be me without judgement” 

We attract people who feel a sense of their Self. Hopefully realising within, is an infinite place. Once you realise that you have created possibility, you can harness that power along with hope, and allow yourself to explore and discover who you are without judgement. 

Public Display of Art is a place that exists through the people who gather and engage with their own creativity and to let their spirits soar. I invite you to immerse yourself into your physical body and unleash your imagination. Once you feel this trust and sense of self it will flow through to other parts of your life. Dance is the catalyst that will literally move us forward.